The Ordinary - L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

49 Kr.

Fine L-ascorbic acid powder. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that brightens the skin tone and reduces signs of aging. This formula contains a very fine L-ascorbic acid powder, which visibly improves uneven skin tone, dullness and signs of aging. L-Ascorbic Acid Powder is formulated to be mixed with other products (except those containing niacinamide or EUK 134). This product consists of a very fine, anhydrous one hundred percent pure L-ascorbic acid powder intended for topical use. For the first 1-2 weeks, this type of vitamin C can give a very strong tingling but non-irritating sensation before the skin increases its tolerance. * L-ascorbic acid powder must not be used concomitantly with EUK 134 or niacinamide, but can be used as part of various skin care routines (preferably vitamin C in the evening and EUK 134 / niacinamide in the morning). This is because EUK 134 / niacinamide may affect the effect of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid).

Content 20 g