Save My Face - Le Grand Pude - Med Silkebetræk - Gold

1.095 Kr.


Le Grand is our large pillow, which is designed to replace your regular pillow. 
The included removable cover on this pillow is high quality 100% cotton with a fine and smooth structure, and closes with a YKK zipper.
The filling in all Save My Face pillows is made of special synthetic fibers, developed especially for Save My Face, which makes the pillow resistant to bacteria and prevents it from absorbing moisture and sweat. The special filling mixture makes the pillow allergy-friendly and easy to maintain.
The pillow is delivered in a practical travel bag in vinyl, perfect to pack the pillow in when traveling. 
You can buy extra covers for your pillow so you always have a fresh one when the other is for washing. We have several colors, in both 100% cotton, 100% silk, satin and microfiber qualities, all of which can be used for this pillow. Of course, remember to choose the right size.
Due to the special, patented design of the pillow, your face is freely positioned when you sleep on your stomach or on your side.
It eases the pressure on the facial tissues and muscles, so that the sleep lines that eventually settle to lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced, and at the same time swelling around the eyes and in the face is counteracted.
In addition, this pillow prevents your good cream from ending up on the pillow, instead of benefiting your skin.
But in addition to having a beneficial effect on the skin, the Save My Face pillow also provides great support so that soreness, tension and pain in the neck, shoulders and back are relieved.
Breathing improves and sleep becomes significantly better and more relaxed. 
For most people, the Save My Face pillow quickly becomes an indispensable friend in the battle for a better sleeping position, a much healthier, more restful and comfortable sleep, as well as a nicer, smoother and more rested skin.
• It prevents sleep lines and wrinkles, and gives your care products optimal conditions.
• It provides a better sleeping position where especially neck and shoulder pain is relieved.
• Breathing is improved and sleep is made more efficient.
• It reduces problems with acne and impure skin.
• It is ideal after cosmetic surgery.
• It is hypoallergenic, partly due to the special filling of specially made synthetic fibers, and partly due to the achieved better breathing.
• Especially the little pillow is a beloved and indispensable travel companion in both car, plane, train and the like.
Researchers from The Academy in the US say that sleep lines are in the top five over sinners when we talk aging of the skin, so therefore skin care is not enough alone in the pursuit of aging with grace. The Save My face pillow provides exactly the elevation of the face that is important in this regard.
HOW TO USE A SAVE MY FACE PILLOW? The Le Grand pillow is used as a replacement for your usual pillow, and can be used either alone or with the La Petite pillow on top.
The La Petite pillow can either be used on top of your own pillow, to get the benefits of better support and nicer skin, or it is used together with the Le Grand pillow, to give a little more height and more flexibility. La Petite can also be folded and placed in the neck for extra support, both when lying down and when sitting. This is also very suitable for travel.
Some choose to start with one of the pillows to get used to them, but really many end up using them both together.
We also often hear that where Le Grand is the firm pillow you sleep with, La Petite is the pillow you carry with you everywhere; in bed, on the couch, in a hotel, in a car, plane, train and the like. 
Most often with a new pillow, it may require a little getting used to your Save My Face pillow, so give it some time and you will love it like tens of thousands of women, men and children worldwide.
Le Grand measures approx. 56 cm x 38 cm x 8 cm.
La Petite measures approx. 50 cm x 25 cm x 6 cm.    
• The cushion itself can be washed at 40 degrees in the machine, and it gives a nice airy cushion if you dry it in the dryer afterwards. You can also air-dry it, but then remember to puff it well several times during drying. The pillow must be completely dry before you use it so that it does not become flat. We also recommend that you puff it through at least once a week so that it retains its fullness.
• Cotton covers are machine washed at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried or air dried afterwards.
• Satin covers are machine washed at 40 degrees, and can be tumble dried or air dried afterwards.
• Microfiber covers are machine washed at 40 degrees, but may only be air dried.
• The cover for Breezes is machine washed at 40 degrees, but must only be air-dried 
• Silk covers are washed either by hand, or on a gentle silk program in a machine at 30 degrees, with soap for wool / silk. Preferably in a laundry bag for better protection. We recommend that it is air-dried, but can also be dried in a tumbler at as low a heat as possible. Since silk is a more fragile material, the cover will hold up best if it is air-dried.

This product is carefully selected and hand-picked by Sidsel Marie Bøg. It thus lives up to our high standards of pure, non-toxic beauty care, and supports our understanding of holistic wellbeing, which gives you the opportunity to be in the world exactly as du want it.

Color: Gold