Rudolph Care - Shower Power Body Soap - 250 ml

145 Kr.

Shower Power Body Soap is a luxurious and creamy body soap that transforms the bath into an experience for the senses. The soap cleanses without drying out the skin and fills the bathroom with a scent of well-being and naturalness. Good for all skin types - even the dry and sensitive.

Shower Power removes dirt, grime and bacteria from the skin's surface without drying out and pushing to the skin's natural balance. Organic ingredients from red sun hat, witch hazel and wheat protein, among other things, soothe, cleanse and add moisture, so the skin stays soft and supple.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"If I have run out of Gentle Cleansing Foam, I massage Shower Power to foam and use it when shaving."

Contents: 250 ml