Rudolph Care - Mommy & Me - 145 ml

395 Kr.

Mommy & Me is a protective SOS balm for both mother and baby. The rich and gentle balm comes to the skin's rescue, whether it is overworked and dry skin, a red baby bump or sensitive baby cheeks. Mommy & Me is all the best from a nourishing body lotion and an emollient baby oil and is a product with many properties. The balm is not perfumed to be extra gentle for mother and baby.

Mommy & Me creates a protective barrier and has a caring effect on sensitive baby skin. It relieves sore nipples and nourishes and softens the abdominal skin, which works hard during pregnancy. The balm is rich in natural and nourishing oils from coconut, watermelon seeds and acai, which add moisture to stressed skin and make it soft. Cold-pressed shea butter has both soothing and soothing effects on red, irritated skin. Beeswax makes the balm easy and delicious to apply and acts as a moisture barrier in the diaper area.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"Also use Mommy & Me to care for overworked tummy tuck - or to relieve sore nipples."

Contents: 145 ml