Rudolph Care - Forever Soft Conditioner - Travelsize - 50 ml

59 Kr. 85 Kr.

Forever Soft Conditioner is a conditioner that nourishes and rebuilds the hair with organic oils and extracts. The natural ingredients give shine and make the hair soft and easy to straighten out - without leaving it heavy, flat or greasy.

Forever Soft Conditioner's most important task is to give soft, strong, shiny and full hair. It manages it with the help of its effective natural ingredients. Among other things, wheat protein rebuilds dry and damaged hair, while avocado oil and honey extract provide plenty of moisture and nourishment for each hair strand. Forever Soft is related to our two shampoos, Herbal Mint Shampoo and Blossom Shampoo, which form the framework for a luxurious and sensual hair wash.

Contents: 50 ml