Rudolph Care - Firming Therapy Moisturizer - 50 ml

556 Kr. 795 Kr.

Firming Therapy Moisturizer is a light, active and nourishing day and night cream. With natural and especially moisturizing ingredients, the skin is smoothed and renewed, the elasticity is increased and the skin gets lots of glow. 

Firming Therapy Moisturizer is developed for experienced skin and is therefore packed with ingredients that maintain the skin's resilience; hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin particularly effectively, making it smooth, soft and supple. Apple stem cell extract helps the skin's natural ability to renew itself - and strengthens its own regenerating properties. Firming Therapy Moisturizer generally creates more fullness in the skin, and is especially supported by its effective, green ingredients. Emollient, nourishing mango butter has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Broccoli oil penetrates quickly and gives glow with rich fatty acids. Avocado oil cares for dehydrated skin and makes it supple, and extract from our star ingredient, acai berry, pampers and protects with minerals and antioxidants.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"Do you know the special glow and freshness that the skin radiates after a good, long holiday? This is how I feel when I have used Firming Therapy Moisturizer. I use it with Firming Perfector Serum - and offer the skin's original fullness , vitality and glow welcome back. They are an ideal partner for a vibrant, healthy skin. "

Contents: 50 ml