Rudolph Care - Firming Perfector Serum - 30 ml

995 Kr.

Firming Perfector Serum is a rich and active serum that delivers natural fullness, intense moisture and smooth, even skin. Your smile wrinkles are allowed to stay, while dry wrinkles are replaced with well-nourished skin full of life.

Firming Perfector Serum gives the skin renewed elasticity and glow. The powerful serum contains two different hyaluronic acids, which fill the skin with moisture and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Apple stem cell extract helps the skin's natural ability to renew itself - and strengthens the skin's own regenerating properties. Green ingredients such as avocado, spinach, kale and cranberries are packed with antioxidants and minerals that protect, enrich and soften the skin.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"Serum is my most important tool when I want to see visible results and refuel the skin with resilience. If your skin needs an effective, firming moisturizer that gives you renewed vitality and lots of fullness, then choose Firming Perfector Serum. "

Contents: 30 ml