Rudolph Care - Facial Oil Delight - 15 ml

395 Kr.

Facial Oil Delight is your shortcut to glow and well-groomed skin: A light and nourishing facial oil for all skin types, which melts into the skin without greasy. It adds moisture and suppleness, balances the skin and leaves it silky soft.

Facial Oil Delight contains a special combination of organic oils, which harmonize the skin and give glow. The oil is also rich in active ingredients such as saltwort extract, which optimizes the skin's natural ability to retain moisture, and brown algae extract, which strengthens the skin's natural formation of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Facial Oil Delight is part of our Delight series, which also includes Moisture Delight and Mist Delight. Together, they form a nourishing, airy and especially moisturizing facial routine.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"Facial Oil Delight feels light and fine on the skin and gives lots of moisture and suppleness. I use the oil in my morning routine in the spring and summer and like to mix with A Hint of Summer for extra glow - and follow suit with my Sun Face Cream for well-protected skin."

Contents: 15 ml