Rudolph Care - Exfoliating soap - 190 ml

145 Kr.

Exfoliating Soap is an exfoliating and caring hand soap that leaves the skin clean and soft. Effectively removes dirt, grime and bacteria, while apricot kernel granules and fine scrubs from the natural silica mineral easily exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

We have refueled Exfoliating Soap with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to prevent regular and proper hand hygiene from drying out and damaging your hands. Aloe vera and acai extract in particular retain moisture and strengthen the skin. Fine grains from apricot kernels and silica gently exfoliate your hands, giving an extra clean feeling - and silky soft hands.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"Like the rest of your skin, your hands also benefit from being exfoliated. Use Exfoliating Soap as a regular hand soap and rub, scrub and rub well. It keeps the skin soft - and is so gentle that it can be used often. Follow up with Hand Cream for beautiful, well-nourished hands. "

Contents: 190 ml