Rudolph Care - Acai Facial Mist - Travelsize - 30 ml

59 Kr. 85 Kr.

Acai Facial Mist is a firming and cleansing toner that actively works with your skin, protects it with antioxidants and refines the pores.

The power drops from Acai Facial Mist counteract impurities and cleanse the skin with the help of organic witch hazel. This makes the mist an ideal product to end your cleaning routine with. Spirulina extract comes to the skin's rescue with vitamins and minerals and strengthens the skin's defense system. In addition, red sun hat relieves irritation and redness, while aloe vera in particular ensures moisture balance in the skin.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"I also use Acai Facial Mist on neck, décolleté and legs because it has a firming effect that I want not only for my face but my whole body."

Contents: 30 ml