Rudolph Care - Acai Eye Cream - 15 ml

395 Kr.

Acai Eye Cream is an effective and mild eye cream that smoothes, evens out and provides nourishing moisture. The eye cream is developed for the delicate eye environment and therefore contains no perfume.

Acai Eye Cream contains natural, active ingredients that soften, smooth and add moisture to the skin. The skin around the eyes is at work all the time because of our facial expressions, and therefore extra loving care is a really good idea for this particular area. Acai Eye Cream is particularly rich in the smoothing and uniform ingredient, acacia senegal gum, which works actively and effectively on the skin. In addition, the eye cream has a calming effect with its content of organic chamomile.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"Get ready for kisses. Use your Acai Eye Cream around your lips and reduce the fine lines."

Contents: 15 ml