Rudolph Care - A Hint Of Summer - 50 ml

345 Kr.

A Hint of Summer is an organically certified self-tanner for face and body that gives you a natural, radiant summer glow. Without exposing the skin to the sun's harmful rays, you can achieve a glow as if you had just returned from a nice, warm holiday. For the face, mix A Hint of Summer with your face cream or oil. For the body, it is mixed with your body lotion or body oil.

A Hint of Summer lets you take advantage of the summer feeling all year round. The natural DHA molecule creates glow when it reacts with the amines, peptides and amino acids that make up your top layer of skin. All the while organic aloe vera soothes, rebuilds and ensures the skin's moisture balance, and acai extract strengthens and protects the skin from degradation.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph:

"Gradually build up the glow by using the product repeatedly and / or increasing the volume if you want a more intense color. Your skin is left with a delicious summer glow."

Contents: 50 ml