Róen – Disco Eye Universal - Eyeshadow

265 Kr.

Welcome to Disco! This Universal eyeshadow is made to offer the most unique and head-turning flash. Disco-Eye looks incredible on everyone, there is no joke (Róen have tested it on each eye within range). Their formulas are the first of their kind that you will not find anywhere else. This shade is the perfect way to make any eye pop and sizzle.

What makes it different: Pure ingredients formulated with unique shapes and sizes of gold and silver pearl and reflective (not glitter) to provide optimal reflective shine. Beautiful in itself to give a dewy effect without the greasy feeling or finish, or lay it as a layer on top of your favorite eye shadows for the extra shine and texture.

Their Lid Illumes is the first pure formula of its kind that keeps you shining light.

Ethically produced mica ... always. Róen maintain the highest standards with their laboratories to ensure the Mica ingredient that is in their eye shadow to be ethical and safe.

RÓEN's outer packaging is 100% recyclable. If you choose to throw it out.

Color - Disco Shine

Content: 1,63 g