Róen - 11:11 - Eye Shadow Palette

385 Kr.

This Magic palette was tested by makeup artists and real women combined. The consensus is that it is easy to use, even for those who fear eye shadow. No shades in the 11:11 hot palette remain unused, they are the actual colors you will actually use and love. Methodologically designed, they blend well with each other or stand out on their own.

The pigments are easy to apply, either with a finger or brush on the eyelid. For more color saturation on the eyelid, apply your finger. Apply a diffused look with the Everything Eye brush. This is a perfect palette for anyone who wants to look effortlessly glamorous in minimal time.

On first use, rotate the fingertip in a circular motion on each eye shadow. Do not be afraid to use a fixed pressure. This activates their Lid Illumes for optimal color payout

Róens Lid Illumes works without compromising on the ingredients. Pure, vegan and gluten free.

Content: 4,5 g


Situation, Hashtag, Ciao and Rosie.