RMS Beauty – Back2Brow – Medium

185 Kr.

RMS Beauty - Back2brow is a fantastic eyebrow powder formulated with pure, natural ingredients. The powder is easy to use and stays as it should for a long time.

Use the powder to shape, define and color your eyebrows. This finely ground powder is formulated with cocoa butter to soften skin and brow hair, as well as natural minerals for a discreet shine.

RMS Beauty - Back2brow ensures that you achieve well-groomed, beautiful and natural eyebrows, with shiny depth for a perfect makeup look.


Light: Soft, beige taupe. Suitable for blond / light brown hair.
Medium: subdued medium warm brown. Suitable for brown / reddish brown hair.
Dark: deep espresso. Suitable for dark brown / black hair.

Color: Medium

Content: 3,5 g