Odacité - Green Ceremony Cleanser - 150 ml

349 Kr.

Purpose: Cleansing and detox Result: Gives a clean, healthy and fresh skin A cleansing ritual unlike anything else you know! Combined with powder-to-foam effect and an explosive power from Matcha + Spirulina, this treating cleanser removes all impurities on the surface , which provides a deeper cleansing that is still gentle on the skin barrier and provides energy.Inspired by Odacité's founders 'trip to Japan, we have created The Green Ceremony Cleanser transferred from the teens' four ceremonial basic principles: PURITY, RESPECT, HARMONY & RO PURITY: Composed with powder-to-foam effect to free the skin from contaminants We mixed honey and sodium bicarbonate and got a remarkable cleansing effect that removes excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells Helps to treat acne-prone skin and reduces the amount of impurities in general, while reviving tired and colorless skin RESPECT: Using a gentle foam derived from coconuts - also known as baby soap - removes this cleanser e foams all surface impurities taking into account the skin's sensitive ecosystem. The high chlorophyll content of Matcha acts as a powerful detoxifier that leaves the skin clean, fresh and free. HARMONY: Concentrated Aloe Vera powder helps soothe any inflammation and redness in the skin, while Matcha + Spirulina adds potent antioxidants that relieve damage from free radicals. Gives a fresh, youthful skin. CALM: Take a moment to restore your inner peace and balance. With the wonderful powder-to-foam effect and a little facial massage, you meet the hectic everyday life with calm and balance. Includes Green Ceremony Cleanser, measuring cup and muslin cloth. 100% NATURAL - GMO FREE Skin type: Great for mature, dry, normal and combination skin. "

Contents: 150 ml