Nuori – Vital Unifier – 100 ml

285 Kr.

Nuori - Vital Unifier is the innovative element that binds the daily skin care routine together: The product seals the cleansing phase by removing the last traces of dirt, adds nourishing and highly moisturizing ingredients to the skin, and increases the performance of subsequent serums, oils and creams. Nuori - Vital Unifier can even be used as a refreshing mist and makeup fixer during the day.

Nuori - Vital Unifier is formulated with organic aloe vera and natural hyaluronic acid, which immediately improves the skin's moisture balance. Water extracted from apples nourishes the skin and at the same time stimulates the growth of keratin, which strengthens the skin's barrier function. White tea, licorice root and chamomile flower protect the skin from oxidation and fight irritation, resulting in a more even and soft skin. These active ingredients also boost the absorbency of subsequent skin care products as well as the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Contents: 100 ml