Nuori – Vital Facial Cream – 30 ml

445 Kr.

Nuori - Vital Facial Cream with a moisturizing antioxidant complex. The face cream from Nuori has a light texture, which helps to regain the vitality of the skin and reduce the first signs of aging. It has been developed with a unique formula with hyaluronic acid, which goes deeper into the skin and rebuilds the skin's natural moisture level. Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil nourish and leave the skin smooth and soft. A complex of shea butter, vitamin C and E provides antioxidant protection. Nuori face cream is easily absorbed and is ideal during makeup or alone. Note: START-USING-BY is the date when you should start using the product at the latest to get the most out of the fresh ingredients. EXPIRY DATE is the date that should remind you that it's time to buy a new product.

Content: 30 ml.