Niod - Set No. 1

565 Kr.

Niod - Set No. 1 contains the following 4 products:

Niod - Low-viscosity Cleaning Ester is a cleansing product that regulates sebum production and effectively removes traces of makeup (with or without water) while maintaining the skin's own barrier function. Contents: 50 ml

Niod - Fractionated Eye-contour Concentrate is a highly concentrated serum that combines 28 clinical technologies in the fight against signs of aged skin in the sensitive area around the eyes, such as dark circles, swelling and fine lines. Contents: 3 ml

Niod - Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex is a multidimensional product with a topical moisturizing effect. This advanced serum combines 15 different forms of hyaluronic compounds that make the skin smoother, smoother and softer. The product contains 1,0% direct hyaluronic acid, which acts as ?? hyaluronic acid ?? in the list of ingredients, and not just various forms of sodium hyaluronate that are often used commercially. Contents: 15 ml

Niod - Photography Fluid Opacity 12% is a new approach if you want glow and radiance. A serum-like product that combines refractive prisms with a finishing technique that makes the skin look perfect ?? both on photographs and in reality. Among other things, a bluring technology has been used that refracts light in thousands of directions. Contents: 15 ml