Mesoestetic – Ultimate W+ BB Cream – Light

490 Kr.

What is BB cream?
Blemish Balm. It was developed in Germany to provide nourishment, moisture and the highest sun protection to the skin, as well as to cover scars after surgical operations. Later, BB creams became very popular in the East, especially Japan. Now BB creams are widely used and known in western countries.
Multifunctional skin care: the best skin care with the highest sun protection.
- Moisturizes the skin
- Gives the skin radiation
- Covers uneven skin tone
- Natural make-up
- Highest protection against UV rays
- Anti-aging effect and reduces pigment spots
The multi-effect of the BB cream is:
- Moisturizing and nourishing cream with the highest UV protection
- Improved natural make-up effect.
It guarantees maximum protection against harmful UV rays (SPF 50, PA +++)
Active ingredients:
Whitning complex: active substances that even out skin tone, moisturize and nourish
Phospholipids: protect the skin from external influences
Tocopherol: strong antioxidant.
Color: Light
Contents: 50 ml