Mesoestetic – Stem Cell - Nanofiller Lip Contour

435 Kr.

Product for the lip contour with a filler effect based on plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid. Used morning and evening on the lips and lip contour.

Active ingredients

Plant-based stem cells and hyaluronic acid: Repairing and moisturizing.

All skin types

Mesoestetic stem cell nanofiller lip contour is a lip contour cream with a proven wrinkle filling effect.
Developed with the combination of vegetable stem cell extract and hyaluronic acid. It achieves a regenerative effect of aging cells and a local filling of fine wrinkles around the lips. Gradually, the aged cells in the lip contour renew, giving rise to more efficient cells. This results in a dampening of wrinkles.

How to use Mesoestetic stem cell nanofiller lip contour? Apply in the morning and in the evening around lips and wrinkles through smooth movements until total absorption of the product. It should be applied after face serum and before moisturizer.

Contents: 15 ml