(M)ANASI 7 - Eye Glow Colour - Ochaya

335 Kr.

"A multi-chromatic shade that makes your look change in dazzling ways"

(Multichromatic brown, green and gold)
Ochaya is a medium neutral and soft multi-chromatic cream eyeshadow that makes your eye look take on different shades in different light settings. Ochaya changes from warm brown to green to gold.
When the weather turns cold in winter and dry air whips our skin, cream eyeshadows can be a lifesaver. Because as anyone with dry skin knows, cream eyeshadows are far more rewarding than their powder counterparts. They give the all-important eye area a healthy, dewy shine.

Prep and prime your eyelids with their Skin Enhancer and finish with their Silk Finish Powder Translucent for optimal durability.
Sweep a shimmery shadow all over the lid. Fade it upwards towards the brow bone.
Apply the texture with your fingers or an eyeshadow brush.
Usually, the organic ingredients are activated by the heat of your fingers and soften quickly once applied, making it easy to blend and layer to your desired finish.
The texture is silicone- and alcohol-free, but made with natural and organic oils, which means the texture lasts longer on normal to dry eyelids. The key to longevity is about light layers, then set with a light layer of Silk Finishing Powder Translucent. If you have oily eyelids, we recommend that you dab your eyelids a few times during the day to blend out the shade and avoid the appearance of creases.

Content: 5 g