(M)ANASI 7 - Eye Glow Colour - Ayame

335 Kr.

Inspired by the unique and colorful Cotinis nitida, these soft and blendable cream eye shadows give your eyelids the perfect color combination while giving them a subtle glow.

When the weather reaches cold in winter, and dry air whips against our skin, cream eye shadows can be a lifesaver. Because as anyone with dry skin knows, cream eye shadows are far more nourishing than their powder counterparts. They give the all-important eye area a healthy, dew-fresh shine.

(M) ANASI 7 - Eye Glow Color - Jardin is a natural and certified organic cream eye shadow. It gives your skin a natural, illuminated glow from within, creating a subtle, light-capturing effect. With just a single flick of the jar, you can instantly create a completely fascinating look. Or add it in layers to get higher color yield and a more dramatic eye makeup look. Made with certified organic sweet almond oil, beeswax, apricot kernel oil and shea butter, the soft and miscible texture of the eye glow color glides evenly with the lightness of a cream and the smoothness of a powder for a flawless finish.

(M) ANASI 7 - Eye Glow Color - Jardin takes you effortlessly from subtle daylight to party glamor, depending on how much product you apply and how you choose to wear it. Versatility is the strong point of this formula. Apply a coat to keep it light for just a touch glow or coat it for intensity.

"A golden hue of pink that adds glow and makes your look smooth"

A soft pink gold with a golden hue of pink that works wonders. It gives you a sleek look with an extra glow. This shade can look romantic, refined and complex. Ayame's tone is neutral and flattering for most skin tones. It can be paired with a wide range of colors on the rest of your face.

This product is carefully selected and hand-picked by Sidsel Marie Bøg. It thus lives up to our high standards of pure, non-toxic beauty care, and supports our understanding of holistic wellbeing, which gives you the opportunity to be in the world exactly as du want it.

Content: 5 g