Malin+Goetz – Sage Styling Cream Travel 1 oz / 29 g

75 Kr.

Sage Extract. All hair types. 

Fatty Acid Absorption Technology - HC-302 to 04 4 ounces / 115g

This styling cream with natural hold acts as a gel without stiffness, adding texture and shine to longer hairstyles. For fine hair, use only a small amount at the roots for volume and to even out fluffy hair. Thick or curly hair gets texture and definition while remaining supple and controlled throughout the day. Smoothing becomes even and shiny and stays that way! Used in damp hair. Mixed for a shaping and silky soft, residue-free care without weighing down the hair. Can easily be combined with Hair Pomade for extra firmness, volume and styling.

Selected ingredients:

Sweet almond extract, Pantenol and Shea Butter moisturize and nourish. Sage (sage) and chamomile soothe and soothe the scalp, Verbena refreshes.


After washing hair, apply the cream to damp or dry hair. Work through with your fingers: A small amount for fine hair, a more generous amount for thick and dry hair. Ride the hair through or tassel with your fingers. Good for on-the-go styling, shaping and filtering. Suitable for color-treated and processed hair.

Use Peppermint Shampoo in this connection.


Content: 29 g