Malin+Goetz – Rum Body Wash 16 oz / 473 ml

335 Kr.

12,0% Eau de Toilette Rum. Body Wash. Amino Acid Hydration Technology - HW 208-1


Malin+Goetz - Rum Body Wash is a foaming cleansing gel that synthesizes the warm Rum Tonic Eau de Toilette with amino acid-based cleansers. Gently and effectively cleanses and balances all skin types. Is moisturizing and rinses free of residue without irritation, drying out or peeling; helps reduce stress of the epidermis. Natural color.

Selected ingredients:

Natural glycerin and protein amino acids hydrate. The refreshing scent from Rum Tonic Eau de Toilette leaves the body slightly fragrant.


Shower: Apply gently Malin+Goetz Apply Body Wash on wet skin until it foams. Then rinse off.

Foam bath: Three vials (or as desired) under running water.

Use afterwards MALIN+GOETZ Vitamin b5 Hans Treatment and Vitamin b5 Body Moisturizer.

Contents: 473 ml