Malin+Goetz – Dog Shampoo 16oz / 473 ml

189 Kr. 270 Kr.

Malin+Goetz - Dog Shampoo is synthesized natural plant products with moisturizing amino acids that gently cleanse the dirtiest of the dirty dogs. Malin+Goetz - However, Shampoo is a mild foaming shampoo formulated with gentle neroli, and can be used on dogs with sensitive skin. Malin+Goetz However, Shampoo cleanses without drying out or irritating the dog's skin. Promotes healthy coat and shine.


Instructions for use:

Massage a small amount Malin+Goetz - However, Shampoo between the hands and distribute it evenly on the dog's wet coat. This gives a mild, gentle foam. Rinse clean. Repeat if desired. 

Contents: 473 ml