Kenny Anker - Precision Brow Tweezers

180 Kr.

With Precision Brow Tweezers, you can purposefully remove unwanted hair and keep your eyebrows perfectly shaped. This specialized tool with a slanted angled tip closes with exactly the strength needed to ensure that even the smallest strands of hair can be easily grasped, held and removed in one quick motion - without breaking the hair or creating irritation. It's the same design that KENNY ANKER brow stylists use in our salons… but the tweezers are so easy to use and control that you do not need to be an expert to give your brows a professional look.

Use Precision Brow Tweezers to keep your eyebrows well-groomed, neat and in perfect shape. With it, you can easily remove straight hair or unwanted hair above the brow and concentrate on shaping and styling under the brow to maintain an elegant and naturally well-groomed look.

Preparation is the key to success. Pick your eyebrows easily and painlessly without risk of irritation by following these tips:
Make sure the skin is dry and clean. The ideal is to wash the brows with warm water beforehand, so that the skin and hair follicles are most relaxed.

Hold the skin so that it is tight and smooth under the place where you want to remove hair.

Always remove the hairs in their direction of growth.

This product is carefully selected and hand-picked by Sidsel Marie Bøg. It thus lives up to our high standards of pure, non-toxic beauty care, and supports our understanding of holistic wellbeing, which gives you the opportunity to be in the world exactly as du want it.