Kenny Anker - Brow Gel - Clear

230 Kr.

The only thing you need to always have elegant eyebrows. Because eyebrows should also be shiny. Our transparent styling gel marks your eyebrows and makes them look symmetrical and well-groomed. Everything that gives you the KENNY ANKER look! This multifunctional wonder gel helps fill in areas of sparse hair growth and gives more fullness to the eyebrows, creating natural balance in the face. The consistency is so light that you do not notice it at all, and because it is designed to stay where it should, the styling of your beautiful eyebrows will last a very long time.

It does not get easier to make your eyebrows look shiny and healthy. Follow the natural direction of growth of the brow hairs and use the brush to mark and shape them. It's like applying mascara - the brush applies exactly the required amount of gel, and the slim design makes it possible to apply the gel precisely and capture even the smallest and finest strands of hair. Not to mention how easy, fast and efficient it is to use… the ultimate brow multitasker

This product is carefully selected and hand-picked by Sidsel Marie Bøg. It thus lives up to our high standards of pure, non-toxic beauty care, and supports our understanding of holistic wellbeing, which gives you the opportunity to be in the world exactly as du want it.

Color: Transparent