Karmameju - Sun Pre & Aftersun - 200 ml

180 Kr. 229 Kr.

BB FACE CREAM SPF 30 - MEDIUM is a light-covering, colored face cream with a sun factor. Based on physical, mineral sunscreen and mineral color pigments that are easy to apply. Karmamejus BB CREAM ensures a broad-spectrum protection against the sun's rays without clogging the pores.

Luxurious skin care with UVA and UVB protection, which evens out the skin and leaves it with a natural color and glow. Use the BB face cream as a colored day cream, as a sunscreen or as a light-covering foundation and sun protection on top of your day cream.

Karmameju SUN BB FACE CREAM is vegan, coral-friendly and produced with a wealth of organic, sustainable high-performance and clinically proven ingredients, which make the product ideal for everyday use.

Read about the effective botanical ingredients in BB FACE CREAM SPF 30 in the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS menu below.

SUN BB FACE CREAM is not a full-coverage foundation - it is light-covering and blends with the skin's own natural color. Therefore, the two colors LIGHT and MEDIUM match most skin tones and do not leave clear makeup edges.

We recommend that you choose the color that is closest to your own skin color at the time of year you use the product. It can e.g. be LIGHT in the winter and early spring while the skin is still light, and MEDIUM in the summer or on holiday when the skin has got more sun. Most people with very light skin will often be best suited to LIGHT all year round, whereas skin that tolerates the sun better can often use MEDIUM all year round.

Both LIGHT and MEDIUM can be used on skin with yellow or red undertones.
The color of the pictures is similar to reality.

Can be used in combination with Karmamejus PRE- & AFTERSUN serum lotion. A well-hydrated skin gives a longer lasting tan color and glow, and sunscreen with natural sunscreens is applied even more easily to a well-groomed skin.
Contents: 200 ml