Karmameju - Soft 02 - Deodorant

169 Kr.

An effective, natural and mild unisex deodorant that controls odor nuisances without hindering the body's vital cleansing functions. Recommended for everyone.

Choosing the right deodorant is perhaps the most important choice we as consumers make among all skin care products, as under the arms there is direct contact with the body's vital cleansing functions.

SOFT has an uncompromising formula of magnolia, sage and witch hazel. The formula naturally counteracts the bacteria that are the cause of sweat under the arms getting the characteristic odor. Allantoin, antioxidant-rich grape seed oil and vitamin E soften and soothe sensitive skin to avoid irritation and redness.

SOFT is formulated with sweat-absorbing rice powder and prevents moist armpits without blocking the natural sweat production. The skin is left soft, odorless and well-groomed throughout the day.

SOFT deodorant 02 is a natural deodorant without the ingredients that are suspected of having a negative effect on the body when applied to the sensitive area of ​​the armpits. SOFT also does not contain allergens from the 26 declarable perfume substances.

Allow your body about two weeks to recover from using antiperspirant deodorant. Since the sweat glands are no longer blocked, your body can intuitively overcompensate by perspiring more at first. The body will soon return to its natural balance.

Always shake before use.

Contents: 50 ml