Karmameju - pH Solution - Hero - 200 ml

160 Kr. 199 Kr.

This innovative, instantly balancing pH solution promotes skin health by gently rebuilding its natural protective barrier, also called the acid mantle.

HERO is a clear serum-like liquid that is applied as the first step in your skin care ritual and as needed during the day.

Daily use will effectively help prevent moisture loss, skin sensitivity, dryness and damage from environmental factors, while at the same time HERO strengthens the skin's natural ability to renew and regenerate. HERO helps to provide the best conditions for the skin's healing process on the body, face and / or scalp.

HERO's pH balancing properties optimize the skin's natural immune system, which is the whole basis for the skin's health, general condition and appearance.

Our skin has a natural pH value of about 5, and when this is disturbed daily, by something as simple as facial cleansing, long showers, swimming pool visits, frequent hand washing, washing up, use of cleansers, etc., the skin's protective acid mantle is challenged and temporarily comes out. balance.

It can take several hours before the protective barrier, and thus the skin's pH value, is restored and in the meantime the skin is vulnerable and susceptible to, among other things, infection, irritation and dehydration - and this is exactly where many skin problems originate.

Several scientific studies document the importance of a stabilized pH value in connection with wound healing, as well as in skin disorders and general dermatological skin diseases for example seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and acne. But HERO is for all skin types. Likewise, the completely normal skin, which also deserves the best possible conditions.

Apply HERO pH solution 02 to the scalp in towel-dried hair, after washing hair. HERO balances the pH of the scalp, its natural protective barrier and sebum production. HERO helps to relieve dryness, irritation, oily scalp or other periodic problems you may have in this area.

Contents: 200 ml