Karmameju – Luxe - Balm 01

215 Kr. 269 Kr.

Moisturizing, multifunctional skin care for dry skin on the face, lips and body. Regenerating, 100% natural balm that softens and adds renewed vitality to the skin.

Nourishing, luxurious and 100% natural balm for face and body with a dynamic composition of essential oils that have a balancing, stimulating effect and add renewed vitality to the skin.

Nourishing oils from meadowfoam, marigold, olive, rosehip, argan and shea butter are known to regenerate as well as provide nourishment and moisture to dry skin. Our seductive fragrance composition of rose geranium, cedar, orange, ylang ylang, vetiver and patchouli stimulates the skin and lifts the mind with a sense of calm and joy.

LUXE is an indispensable and multifunctional product that can be used on the face, on the lips as a lip balm, on the whole body and for loving massage. Use LUXE in the winter months to protect your hands and facial skin from frost and cold and at night as a leave-on face mask when your skin needs extra nourishment.

Also use our balms to prevent hay fever symptoms by applying them around the nose, up in the nostril and around the eyes to catch the small mischievous pollen particles.

Karmamejus balms are vegetable oil based, they are 100% natural and are completely without preservation. 

Contents: 90 ml