Karmameju - Couture - Øjencreme - 15 ml

300 Kr. 379 Kr.

Luxurious COUTURE eye cream 01 is a gentle but extravagant eye cream that, with its natural and extraordinary performance, both nourishes, tightens and brightens the sensitive eye area.

A nourishing eye cream that effectively helps reduce fine lines, dark circles and swollen eye area, while deeply moisturizing and protecting the skin from harmful environmental influences.

The combination of impressive and clinically proven ingredients make up the facets of this effective eye cream, which visibly revitalizes the skin and leaves it silky soft, uniform and smooth.

At COUTURE, we have combined our valuable active complexes with our renowned organic base of shea butter and aloe vera to offer the very best for the fine eye environment.

COUTURE eye cream 01 is created without fragrance allergens to meet the ideal care for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Contents: 15 ml