Karmameju – Cashmere Ansigtscreme 02

445 Kr.

Karmameju - Cashmere Face Cream 02 protects and de-stresses sensitive, reactive skin, with its unique combination of active ingredients, chosen for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Clinically proven ginger extract, effectively helps reduce redness and irritation, while organic aloe vera, oat kernel and camellia oil strengthen the skin's protective barrier, and nourish in depth. Hyaluronic acid is clinically proven to increase the moisture level in the skin, and thus has a rejuvenating and refining effect on the skin. Karmameju - Cashmere Face Cream 02 is a mild formula with aromatic of pure essential oils, helps to achieve a healthy skin with a fine and clear complexion. 

Contents: 50 ml

The creams are named after exclusive textiles, which are reminiscent of the cream's consistency and skin-feel. 
CASHMERE / creamy & airy - protective & soft as cashmere knit.