Karmameju – Calm - Balm 02

215 Kr. 269 Kr.

Multifunctional, soothing balm for lips, face and body. Protects and rebuilds dry and delicate skin conditions. For all skin types and for everyone in the family.

CALM balm is an ointment-like skin care product, consisting exclusively of natural plant oils and pure essential oils. The multifunctional and healing oil balm can be used as face, lip and body care.

CALM is a natural product for the whole family and is ideal for sensitive, sensitive, exposed or damaged skin. It helps to improve and prevent dryness and irritated skin.

Our composition of pure argan, meadowfoam, sea buckthorn and mermaid oil as well as shea butter, has nourishing, restorative and soothing properties. Combined with relaxing and cleansing essential oils from kanuka, chamomile and lavender, CALM balm soothes both body and mind.

Karmamejus CALM balm is the ideal barrier cream that protects the skin from dehydration, frostbite and vascular rupture. Heat the balm between the palms and let it melt on the skin, exposed areas of the face or body such as cheeks and hands. Take it with you on your ski holiday to protect against the cold. Use as a healing care on the sun holiday or on the children's cheeks during the winter. 

CALM has many multifunctional benefits. It can be used in the hair ends. Like shine on cheekbones and under eyebrows. For dry hands, elbows and feet. As aftershave and aftersun. As a natural alternative to Vaseline. For dry spots and delicate skin conditions. As an airplane and night mask. For soothing massage and much, much more. 

Also use our balms to prevent hay fever symptoms by applying them around the nose, up in the nostril and around the eyes to catch the small mischievous pollen particles.

Karmamejus balms are vegetable oil based, they are 100% natural and are completely without preservation. 


Contents: 90 ml