Karmameju – Boost - Balm 03

215 Kr. 269 Kr.

Dynamic, emollient and energizing ointment for the body, which cares for dry skin, stimulates blood circulation, warms sore muscles and relieves tired feet.

Camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, juniper, frankincense and lavender stimulate and warm sore muscles, help cleanse the airways in colds, and alleviate headaches and discomfort from illness in our 03 body balm.

BOOST is a stimulating and energizing ointment for the whole body, which cares for dry skin and tired feet, with a luxurious composition of pure argan, meadowfoam, sea buckthorn and mermaid oil as well as shea butter. BOOST is also great for body massage and the ointment gives the mind clarity, focus and energy.

Also use our balms to prevent hay fever symptoms by applying them around the nose, up in the nostril and around the eyes to catch the small mischievous pollen particles.

Karmamejus balms are vegetable oil based, they are 100% natural and are completely without preservation.

Contents: 90 ml