ILIA - True Skin Serum Concealer - Burdock

299 Kr.

A light and pure silky serum concealer with medium coverage and skin care properties.

The light and creamy concealer provides medium coverage with a silky, serum-like texture that penetrates the skin without any problems. Enriched with stabilized vitamin C and bark from silk acacia. True Skin Serum Concealer protects the skin from free radicals and environmental damage, while helping to stabilize and nourish the skin's surface. Mastic, a resin from a tree that grows on the Greek island of Chios, gives a matte and fine effect all day. Feels almost weightless and instantly reduces the visibility of dark circles and pigment spots, giving a stunning and flawless look.

This product is carefully selected and hand-picked by Sidsel Marie Bøg. It thus lives up to our high standards of pure, non-toxic beauty care, and supports our understanding of holistic wellbeing, which gives you the opportunity to be in the world exactly as du want it.

Color: Light with neutral warm undertones

Contents: 5 ml