Franske Fristelser – Bioderma Créaline – Homeoplasmine – Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

450 Kr. 505 Kr.

Save 15% on the purchase of this complete package of French Temptations. It is the perfect composition of products for the face known from the French Pharmacies.

The package contains:

Bioderma - Crealine 500 ml

This makeup remover is the absolute best on the market. A product that all hair and makeup artists swear by.

The makeup remover is specially developed for sensitive, normal to dry skin. Créaline H2O micelle solution gently cleanses face and eyes and removes waterproof makeup. The micelles included in the formula micro-emulsify impurities, while rebuilding and maintaining the balance of the skin (soap-free and physiological pH). The soothing and relieving ingredients prevent the feeling of irritation often caused by cleansing the skin.

Créaline H2O guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance. 

(The product is ophthalmologically tested).

Contents: 500 ml


This little secret provides wonderful fresh lips and cuticles when a little extra moisture is needed. You will find Homeoplasmine in the bags of most makeup artists.

An antiseptic and healing ointment that counteracts irritation of the nasal mucosa, colds and chronic and allergic rhinitis (decongestants).
Doctors also treat skin irritations, cracks, skin abrasions, superficial wounds and minor burns.

Content: 40 g

Embryolisse - Lait Creme Concentre

This cream is one of the make-up artists' favorites and is largely part of their regular kit. This is one of the products that previously could only be bought at the French Pharmacies.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentré is a rich and moisturizing lotion. The special lotion formula is very versatile and can be used as a primer, moisturizer and makeup remover. It also reduces irritation after shaving, which also makes it suitable for men.

Contents: 75 ml