Ellis Faas Creamy Lips – L105 – Hazelnut

199 Kr.

Creamy Lips, a long-lasting liquid lipstick that gives a clean color, the best coverage and your lips a great look. It feels soft and velvety. Thanks to a special blend of light oils, it not only moisturizes your lips, but gives them the appearance of being fuller.

The applicator, a built-in small sponge, is best suited for this texture, easy to use and to create the best result.

All ELLIS LIPS products are light, long-lasting and very easy to use. They all contain vitamin E and are free of parabens. All textures in the ELLIS LIPS collection are liquid, so they immediately mix with the skin when applied - which makes them non-sticky!

Color - Hazelnut - Matte opaque lipstick

Contents: 2.8 ml