Ellis Faas Concealer– S205 – Medium/Tan

219 Kr.

The ELLIS FAAS collection reflects Ellis' many years of experience, where she discovered the combination of foundation and concealer that resulted in seamless coverage on any skin tone. 

The secret to hassle-free concealer coverage lies in its relationship to the basic skin tone: Darker skin requires more contrast between concealer and foundation, while lighter skin requires foundation and concealer that are more similar in color. Paired with ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil, the ELLIS FAAS Concealer meets these dramatic differences in the requirements of the various skin tones.

ELLIS FAAS Concealer provides high coverage to reduce the appearance of impurities, pigment spots and dark circles. With a unique blend of ingredients, such as Karite oil and rice wax, ELLIS FAAS Concealer penetrates the skin immediately and gives a flawless finish. Also contains Vitamins E and C, which moisturize and have anti-aging and regenerating properties. ELLIS FAAS Concealer is recommended for all skin tones.

Color: Medium / tan - For Mediterranean or Asian skin with a pink undertone

Contents: 2.5 ml