Bye Bra – Dress Tape

70 Kr.

Bye Bra dress tape is the same as fashion tape and non-exposure tape: Some dresses may still show your bra, or too much cavalier gait, if you bend forward. Bye Bra dress tape ensures that you can wear your backless dress discreetly and safely.

Avoid accidents with dress tape.

Bye Bra dress tape is made of a 3M adhesive. The straps are 23mm x 82mm, and are therefore much wider and longer than the average dress tape. This is a handy feature because the tape should last all night and most fashion tapes are way too thin for this. 3M glue is of unique quality, and yet gentle on both skin and clothes. The protective layers between them ensure that the tapes do not stick together before use.

A combination of Bye Bra self-adhesive bra together with dress tape prevent the dreaded 'nipple slip'. If you use your Bye Bra with a revealing dress where people can catch unintentional glimpses, we would advise you to combine your purchase with Bye Bra dress tape. Bye Bra dress tape keeps your dress in place to keep your female secrets hidden. The tape is extra wide and hidden. There are 30 strips in a package, but can be cut in half as they are 82mm, then you will get 60 strips.