Bye Bra – Dækkende Silke Patches

75 Kr. 100 Kr.

Bye Bra self-adhesive nipple cover made of silk is a simple solution for a quick and effective nipple cover.

The unique 3M quality tape used in hospitals is, unlike some counterfeit products, completely safe, and creates a perfect lift.

Silicone Vs. silk nipple covers.

Bye Bra is available with both silicone nipple covers as well as silk nipple covers. You might be wondering why Bye Bra offers 2 different nipple covers. Breasts are different and every woman is unique. Silk nipple covers are lighter, smaller (6cm) and can not be reused. The glue and material are for single use only. This makes them less visible in, for example, satin dresses, where the larger silicone nipple cover may be more visible. However, if you have large nipples, we advise you to use silicone nipple covers.

Contents: 4 sets of nipple patches in silk