Bioeffect - EGF + 2A DAILY DUO

1.595 Kr.

EGF + 2A Daily Duo combines the effective EGF growth factor with 2 antioxidants - hence the name 2A. The antioxidants protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals from environmental pollution, which affect the health and appearance of the skin. The result is a potent system that ensures that the active ingredients work in synergy for maximum efficiency.

Step 1:

INTENSE ANTI-AGING CONCENTRATE - An intensive moisturizing EGF serum and hyaluronic acid

Increases skin volume and density
Reduces sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles
Leaves skin hydrated with a youthful glow

Step 2:

ENERGIZING URBAN POLLUTION FIGHTER - Environmental protection antioxidants, ferulic acid and azelaic acid

Protects the skin from damage associated with environmental pollution
Effective in the fight against free radicals
Reduces inflammation in the skin
Fights redness, rosacea and pigmentation
Without parfume

Contents: 30 ml (2x15 ml)