A.N OTHER – FR/2018 Parfum - 50 ml

675 Kr.

Inspired by the resurgent interest in classic gin cocktails, top notes of aldehyde spice up this pure blend of crisp junipers, while ginger from Madagascar comes to life with a bubbling freshness that excites the senses. Metallic musk unites a perfectly mixed mixture, so that each fragrance note is enhanced and the composition is completed.

Perfumes: Carlos Viñas a


Top: Melon Pop Rocks / Grapefruit Zest / Gin & Tonic

Heart: Juniper / Madagascar Ginger / Aromatic Lavender

Bottom: Chilled Amberwood / Metallic Musk

Free of toxins, animal products and dyes. Extracted sustainably and responsibly.

Contents: 50 ml