What is a Dermapen treatment?

A Dermapen treatment is first and foremost a fantastic collaboration with your skin. So if you like the natural result and the idea that you are helping to create new skin – from the inside out – then read on!

The Dermapen is a microneedling device which creates approx. 1.920 microchannels per second where a lot of moisture, vitamins and minerals are sluiced into the skin. It should be seen as a controlled injury, where with Dermapen we kick-start the skin's natural wound healing process. It is a process that starts as soon as we perforate the skin barrier for the first time, and will be an ongoing process and new creation of cells over about the next year, if you commit to a cure. Here, of course, it depends on what you want to achieve and what the status is before the 1st treatment.

The Dermapen concept itself is Australian and since 2010 has been a solid global brand, with lots of studies and verified products, which must ensure a safe experience for the customer. We treat based on Dermapenworld's protocols and exclusively with Dp Dermaceuticals, as it is the result of a global collaboration between Dermapenworld and dermatologists.

What can Dermapen be used for?

Dermapen can be used for lines/anti-aging, pigmentation (sun spots), rosacea, moisture, active acne, acne. We will always recommend a course, as a single treatment will not be able to give the same result as a course. A cure will be 3 treatments and we recommend 3-6 treatments, and that you use the products that come with it (customized toiletry bag) after each treatment. There will be products for around 7-10 days, and they work together with exactly the treatment carried out at the clinic. When the toiletry bag is used up, you quietly return to your usual skincare range.


Who can get it?

Dermapen is for most people, however, you must be over 18 years of age and it requires consent. Dermapen is also referred to as the natural facelift, where cells are regenerated - among other things collagen - which is why it also differs a lot from a regular facial treatment. However, there are some contraindications, which you can see here:

  • Pregnant/breastfeeding
  • Skin cancer
  • Dermatitis/psoriasis or eczema-like conditions
  • Bleeding disease
  • Blood-thinning treatment (you must assess whether you are able to take a break from blood-thinning treatment). Omega 3 also has a blood-thinning effect, and it is recommended to pause 7 days before a Dermapen treatment
  • Rosacea and active acne grade 4 and up
  • If you have just been through a strong course of antibiotics, eg isotretinoin - a 6-month break is recommended
  • Non-well-regulated diabetes


How does it feel?

It's 16 needles that create 1920 microchannels/second, and if you want to achieve results - well, we have to say that you don't achieve that by pricking your cheek😊. You will feel a warmth in the skin right from the first perforation of the skin barrier - and it is just healthy skin that reacts as it should, as it is your immune system that will immediately start healing and repairing. The skin thinks that an injury has occurred - this is what we refer to as a controlled injury - the white blood cells work at high pressure and the wound healing process is now set in motion.

The actual needling lasts about 5-8 minutes. What takes time is cleaning and preparing the skin - as we have to work on completely clean skin. Hygiene plays a big role in this treatment. After the actual needling, we help to cool the skin down, optimize the moisturizing of the skin and finish with several specific creams.

You will be able to see where the Dermapen has worked and it will be visible as a slight redness. This redness decreases hour by hour, and in many cases it is completely gone within a few hours. Most people are surprised by how fresh and boosted the skin looks, and the fantastic glow that is seen.



What should I be aware of?

You must continue good hygiene at home. Change the towel and several of you live together, then have your very own. Change the pillow cover so that your underlay is completely clean. Avoid picking at the skin, it can 'tingle' and tickle a little - it's just your skin working. You must not cleanse your skin in the evening, but instead go to bed and sleep with the finishing creams on the skin. Don't worry about it closing your pores, the last cream is a medical cream – just developed to stay on.

A moisture mask is included in the toiletry bag itself, which is recommended to be used the next evening for about 30 minutes. So, after cleansing, the mask is used, and then finished with cream.

It is not unusual for the skin to go bald, but by using the moisture mask the following evening - you can work more preventively and 'top up the skin' with moisture. Dp Dermaceuticals barrier cream is highly recommended, as it works like a 'band-aid'. This means that it moisturizes + retains moisture. A fantastic supplement to the other Dp Dermaceuticals, the 1st week right after a Dermapen treatment. Skin Veneer is recommended for all but active acne.

Do not sunbathe, even if the medical cream has an spf 30 – as it is both too hard for the skin and that UV rays can create pigment spots on the skin immediately after a treatment. It is a MUST to use Cover Recover, which is included in the toiletry bag, and is 3 shades that you can mix as needed - and is sun protection for the first 2 days.

Do not exfoliate the skin until 4 days after a Dermapen treatment.

No physical training the following 2 days, no solarium, sauna, self-tanner, tattoo etc.

Should you need to take painkillers for other reasons (you don't need to with Dermapen), then take Panodil - Alfa is not ibuprofen, as it will counteract the controlled inflammatory process that has been deliberately set in motion.

Now that you have dedicated yourself to a course with Dermapen, you should follow it to the door, and use the products in the provided toiletry bag, which are composed according to the course you are undergoing. There are products for 7-10 days (equivalent to a travel toiletry bag) and a concentrated amount of active ingredients and vitamins that work together with Dermapen. When you have used up various products, you slowly switch to your usual products.

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