Time and resources are spent on preparing for our agreements, therefore we have a rejection policy that must be complied with no matter what the reason may be.

If you are prevented from attending an appointment, you must notify us no later than 48 hours before the start of the appointment. We always send a reminder by email / SMS from our booking system, where we ask you to note it in your calendar.

If you cancel an agreement too late (within 48 hours), it costs 50% of the price of the agreement.

If you do not show up for an agreement or cancel within 2 hours before the start of the agreement, it costs 100% of the agreement's price.

When you book an appointment for an appointment with Untold Secretz, you also approve the Untold Secretz´ cancellation policy, which is valid in our Untold Secretz - Boutique.

Payment methods at Untold Secretz:

We accept all types of beatling cards and Mobilepay.

Services at Untold Secretz:

We encourage our customers not to talk on a mobile phone and put it on silent as we are a small boutique.
At Untold Secretz, we want to offer a calm and comfortable universe for our customers, therefore we ask that this be respected.
As our boutique is not that big, it is also not optimally designed to have children with. Therefore, we prefer that this is omitted, as not all customers want to be surrounded by children.

Feel free to show up 10 minutes before your appointment at Untold Secretz.

Best regards

Untold Secretz

Ordrupvej 112B, st, th
2920 Charlottenlund
Phone - 32 112 212
Email - info@untoldsecretz.dk